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Budget Assignment | Custom Homework Help

You have 70 network clients using older versions of Office, and 2 using Office 365 (CEO and VP of Sales). The other Office clients cannot open the files saved by the Office 365 users. Your manager tells you that there are no funds available to pay for the upgrade and the Office 365 clients will not downgrade. How will you make it possible for them to share files?

Your manager did not price the upgrade but knows there are not additional funds in the budget to upgrade until 2010. You should plan for the upgrade in the future. Please provide a pricing quote to bring all these clients to the same version and use 365.

Remember, do not assume that all options have previously been considered.


  • Executive preference
  • Budgetary limitations
  • Compatibility
  • Upgrade pricing
  • New license costs – New pricing and MS license model
  • Rollout plan
  • Testing and implementation
  • User Training


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