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Business Report: Company Analysis Essay | Online Homework Help

Business Report: Company Analysis
You are an analyst in the Industry Department of the government of a developing nation (for this assignment, the particular country is not
important). Like many developing nations, the majority of your workforce is unskilled to semi-skilled, and your country is trying to develop an
industrial base which will provide jobs and help raise the standard of living of the population. However, your government is wary of letting
foreign companies set up operations in your country that might harm, or treat unfairly, the county, its people or its resources. A number of
companies have recently petitioned your government for permission to set up operations in your country (see list of companies provided). You
have been asked by the Minister of Industry to analyse your choice of any one of the companies on the list provided.

The Minister is a very busy person so it is important that the report be written in a clear and concise manner. It will be judged on the factual
information it contains, the clarity of your argument and the depth of your analysis. Please note that you should not try to gather data that supports
only one side or the other of whether or not to give the company permission to proceed. Rather, you should gather all the pertinent data and let
your analysis guide you to the best recommendation.
The report is to be seven to ten pages maximum (doubled spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt font, 2.54 cm margins) plus title page, table of
content, references and appendices. The title page must contain your name, student number, name of course and professor, date, and the company
you have chosen from the list provided. The first half page (maximum) of the report will be an executive summary of the report’s highlights,
including your recommendation. The remainder of the pages will cover the material noted in the rubric below with marks allocated as shown.
Please number the pages and use the items listed in the rubric as headings in your report. Only the first seven to ten pages (starting by your
executive summary) will be read and graded. Relevant appendices are expected.
The report must cite at least six different sources. Information sources could include the globalEDGE Website (http://globaledge.msu.edu), Forbes
Global 2000 (http://www.forbes.com/global2000/), the company’s own website and annual reports, the list of databases provided on cuLearn (as
well as below), and from business journals, business newspapers, business websites, etc. Be wary of relying too heavily on any one source,
especially a company’s own website as they will most certainly put a positive spin on all of the company’s activities. Do not use Wikipedia.
Ensure that all data is cited – Automatic zero for the assignment for references not cited. Please use the referencing guidelines I posted under
Assignments in our cuLearn. In this report, there should be few, if any, quotes. If you do use a quote, ensure that it is in quotation marks and
properly cited. Keep in mind that if a quote is not in quotation marks and properly cited, it is considered plagiarism.


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