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Candidate Analysis.

Candidate Analysis

You have two employment candidates for a marketing position. Both have similar educational backgrounds and certifications. However, the first candidate has 20 years of related experience while the second candidate has 6 years of similar experience. This is for a Market Analyst Position for any company of your choosing.

The first candidate is asking for a competitive base salary plus one week extra vacation as part of the benefits package. The second candidate is asking for a competitive base salary plus a company smart phone (upgraded each year), and paid Internet service at home. The first candidate is willing to work a flexible schedule (nights, weekends, etc.), while the second candidate prefers to work remotely from home. Both are requesting to be included in the company’s annual bonus plan.

Write a 700 word paper that includes the following:

  • Compare the direct and indirect compensation requests for each candidate.
  • As an HR professional, what do you think is the best hiring decision for the company and why?

Candidate 1: Flexibility, experience, Networking (has more contacts and more experience)

Candidate 2: Tech Savvy, New fresh Ideas, May be able to start at a lower wage. Able to meet deadlines ffrom home.

I choose Candidate 1, because he has more experience and can bring more projects and more revenues to the chosen company. if we choose candidate 1 we wont have to worry about paying monthly internet services or on paying for a new phone every year and save more money.


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