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Health Care Law and Ethics


Project and Presentation



You will be completing a power point presentation that informs the audience about a case study related to medical law and /or ethics. The guidelines for the project are as follows:

You can choose any case from the following website:


A 15-20 slide PowerPoint presentation will be required –

The following areas must be addressed during the presentation:

A description of the Case Study

Your opinion of legal and ethical implications of the case.  Your thoughts must bring up terminology used and learned in class.


Parameters for the power point presentation includes:

    • Must be in MLA format
    • Minimum of 15-20 slides
    • Works Cited page should have a minimum of 3 sources
    • Appropriate medical terminology and ethical/legal terminology must be included, in correct context and with correct spelling
    • Appropriate utilization and/or context must be used
    • Appropriate spelling must be used
    • Power point must be ‘eye appealing’


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