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Christian and Secular Principles.

Christian and Secular Principles

Prompt: Choose three topics from the list below to research. Choose two organizations, one that adheres to Christian principles and one which adheres to secular principles. For each of the three topics you have chosen, compare and/or contrast the role these topics play in each organization. Based on your research, discuss if one organization outperforms the other organization. Explain your reasoning.


 Attitudes and job satisfaction
 Emotions and moods
 Personality and values
 Perception and individual decision-making  Motivation concepts and applications

 Groups and teams in the workplace  Communication
 Leadership
 Power and politics

 Conflict and negotiation  Organization structure
 Organizational culture
 Organizational change

o Requirements: Your responses should be submitted in a 1,500 – 2,000-word essay. Type your answers and submit via Canvas prior to start of class. Your paper should include APA-compliant formatting, including title and reference pages. You should use 5-7 scholarly references.


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