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Comparing three writers.

Excellent Proficiency

5-7 paragraphs only

Plato has a great deal to say about goodness as it relates to government.  Compare his views with those of Lao-tzu (p. 203) and NiccoloMachiavelli (p. 219).  Which of these thinkers would Plato have agreed with most?  In comparing these three writers and their political views, consider the nature of goodness they required in a ruler.  Do you think that we hold similar attitudes today in our expectations for the goodness of our government?

(A)   Excellent Proficiency

Ideas are clear, insightful, thought-provoking, and focused so that they consistently support the focus, purpose and audience for the essay.

Development is fluid, with abundant details and examples that arouse audience interest and provide relevant, concrete, specific and insightful evidence in support of sound logic.

Organization is coherent, unified and effective in support of the essay’s purpose/plan and consistently demonstrates effective and appropriate rhetorical transitions between ideas and paragraphs.

Style is confident, readable and rhetorically effective in tone, incorporating varied sentence structure, precise word choice and correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Format is correct, meets all assignment directions, and works expertly to support the essay’s purpose/plan.


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