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Compute the Actual fixed overhead.

Gamma nc. manufactures digital compasses for navigation. The company’s total overhead budget for January, for the manufacture of 2,000 units, was $49,600. Overhead Is applied on the basis of direct labour-hours. On the last day of the month, just as the 2,000th unit was completed aer a total of 752 actual direct Jabour-hours, the hard-drive on the microcomputer that contained the month’s detailed cost Information crashed. With the computer out of commission, the cost accountant has had difficulty completing the variance analysis report. He has managed to assemble the Incomplete information below for January:Variable overhead: 0.4 direct labour-hours @ $8.00 per hour (from the standard cost card) Actual cost: variable overhead cost $8,400Fixed overhead: Budget variance $2,000 favourableRequiredCompute the following for January:Variable overhead flexible budget allowance for the manufacture of the 2,000 unitsVariable overhead spending varianceVariable overhead efficiency varianceiv) Budgeted fixed overheadv) Actual fixed overhead


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