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Assignments and Evaluations POL100-01 (T+R) – Introduction to Politics and Government Summer 2020 – Capilano University Wiki (15%) May 26 (submit via Moodle) You are to write a short report (1000 words) resembling a “Wiki” page on one of the following key concepts from the course. Absolute monarchy Anarchism Autocracy Capitalist economic system Civic nationalism Classical liberalism Communism Conservatism Constitutional monarchy Deep ecology Democratic socialism Direct democracy Ecofeminism Ethnic nationalism Fascism Hybrid regimes Islamism Leninism Neo-liberalism Populism Social Conservatism Theocratic dictatorship A good “Wiki” report should be able to provide someone who has no knowledge of your concept with a good understanding of it. As such, you will need to clearly define and describe your concept, explain its theoretical or practical importance, explain how it has featured in the political world, and discuss any debates that have arisen around it. Just as in a “Wiki” page, subtitles ought to be used to divide your different sections. * A rubric outlining expectations will be made available on Moodle.


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