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The construction site visit report requires the student to visit a construction site where work is being performed, ideally in the beginning stage of the construction when the earth work is performed on site.

In your report, include:
1) the dates you visit the site and a short description of the work being performed on site;
2) the soil type of the site;
3) the foundation type of the structure;
4) describe the work related to soil: compaction effort, excavation, etc.;
5) include pictures of the site;
6) a summary of what you observed and learned;
7) any other aspects of the site related to soils and foundations.

The report should be typed, 3-5 pages (including photos), 12 size font, single space, 1-inch margin. Use a logical flow and a good format for presenting your information. Good grammar and college level language is expected. The report will be evaluated based on the quality of the content, the organization, the grammar/spelling, and whether you follow the requirements or not.


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