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Cost Estimating Research Paper Assignment | College Homework Help

Literature Review on Construction Cost Estimating Research Papers .
Choose a topic of your interest related to construction cost estimating: e.g., methodology, case studies, data analysis, new trends, etc.
Search for 3 relevant research papers published within the last decade.
Thoroughly read and annotate the papers.
Write a 4-page-long critical review of the papers (excluding a cover page).
Submit the paper and annotated articles (color scanned pdf) as separate files (separate submission links are provided below).

Style Guide (Must follow)
A cover page with Title, Course ID and Name, Date of Submission, Student Name.
Title font: Times New Roman 14 pt, bold, centered, single spacing, two lines maximum
Font style and size: Times New Roman 12 pt
Line spacing: 1.2 pt
Add an extra line between section headings and body text.
Indent 0.25″ first line of a paragraph.
Follow MLA or Chicago style of reference.
Provide “Reference” section at the end of the writing.
Put your full name on the right side of the header.
Put the page number in the center of the footer.


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