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Data Governance Case Study Analysis(Amazon)

For this analysis you will be demonstrating how well you can apply what you have learned so far about data governance to an organization of your choice.  This can be an organization that you have work for (either currently or in the past) or an organization that you are able to research. Collect as much information as you can about how that organization acquires, manages, and uses their data. Analyze what you have collected so you can answer the following questions to the best of your abilities.

Organization: Amazon

  1. Introduce the organization that is the subject of your case study. What do you see as the biggest motivators for better data governance and data quality for this organization? For example, What data domain(s)/subject area(s) are most important to this organization? What appears to be the focus area(s) for this organization’s data governance efforts (e.g., security, privacy, business analytics, data lifecycle, master data management, etc?)
  2. What communication approaches (if any) has this organization used to gain and sustain interest and involvement in its data governance efforts? What communication tools/techniques do you think would be helpful to this organization to keep its employees, executives, and other stakeholders aware of data governance impacts and activities (e.g., websites, news letters, meetings, email, announcements, etc.) ?
  3. What data governance framework (if any) did this organization adopt? What are the main components of this framework that this organization is addressing in their data governance initiatives? What suggestions or changes would you recommend (be sure to include your rationale for these suggestions)?  This data governance framework can also be a maturity framework.
  4. Has this organization done a maturity assessment? Do you have any recommendations how this organization should proceed with tracking how its level of data governance maturity is changing over time?
  5. What type of data governance organizational structure did this organization adopt? What other details would you add to this case? For example, who should serve on the data governance council? Do you recommend a data governance project office? If so, what roles and responsibilities will they have? How would you proceed with identifying, training, communicating and empowering data stewards?
  6. What data governance technologies did this organization adopt (e.g. data dictionary, metadatarepository, data steward directory, a data governance suite from a vendor like Collibra or Informatica, etc.)? What other technologies not mentioned in the articles would you recommend to this organization (again, be sure to state the rationale for these recommendations).
  7. What data governance processes did this organization adopt (e.g. how are the creation of data rules, enforcement of data rules, conflict resolution of data rules being handed)? Who is involved with these processes? The Data Conference Council? Data stewards? Senior Management? Combination? If information is lacking on these details, what would you recommend as a strategy for this organization (again, be sure to state your reasons)?
  1. Is this organization using any metrics to gaugeits success from the data governance program in addressing the major problems caused by poorly governed data? Are there any additional metrics you would recommend (again, be sure to state your reasons)?

Be sure to list the references you researched in order to conduct this case study analysis.

Be sure to use a reasonable font (ex. 12 pt), single spacing is fine, 1 inch margins, section headers, and judicious use of graphs/figures.



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