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Describe the information that might be significant to the assessment, treatment, and welfare of the client.

Substance abuse

Paper 1:

  • Focus on multiple issues in the case of “Evelyn C.” on page 383 of Abnormal Psychology.
  • Make a diagnosis and be sure to include all relevant diagnoses.

The Assignment: (1.5–2 pages)

  • Briefly summarize the case of “Evelyn C.”
  • Explain your diagnosis. Provide specific supporting information.
  • Describe additional information that might be significant to the assessment, treatment, and welfare of the client.
  • Briefly describe the interventions you would recommend, and explain why you would make these recommendations.

EVELYN C.: Evelyn C., a 36-year-old homemaker and mother of two school-age children (from a previous marriage), began to drink to excess following intense disagreements with her husband, John, a manager of a retail business. For several months, she had been drinking during the day when her children were at school and on two occasions was inebriated when they came home. On one recent occasion, Evelyn failed to pick up her older daughter after an after-school event. Her daughter called John’s cell phone (he was out of town on a business trip), and he had an assistant pick her up. When they arrived home, Evelyn (apparently unaware of the problem she had caused) created a scene and was verbally abusive toward the assistant. Her out-of-control drinking increased when her husband of 3 years began staying out all night. These emotionally charged encounters resulted in John’s physically abusing her one morning when he came back home after a night away. John moved out of the house and filed for divorce.

Hooley, Jill M. Abnormal Psychology (p. 383). Pearson Education. Kindle Edition.

Paper 2:

  • Consider the psychological, biological, and sociocultural factors associated with suicide.

The Assignment: (1.5–2 pages)

  • Explain how you can determine whether or not a client is suicidal.
  • Explain how you would treat a suicidal client, produce ongoing assessments, and follow up with the client.
  • Explain any challenges that might occur and how you might address them.

APA format. 2-3 citations for each paper


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