Develop a WBS (work breakdown structure)

Building a single-family, partially custom-designed home as required by Mrs. and Mr. John Thomas on Strath Dr., Alpharetta, Georgia. The single-family home will have the following features:
3,200 square-feet home with 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms Flooring hard wood in the first floor, tiles in the kitchen and bathrooms, carpet in bedrooms Granite kitchen countertops, GE appliances in the kitchen 3-car garage and external landscaping Ceiling 10 infirst floor and vaulted 9 ceilings in bedrooms.

Suburban Homes is requesting that you complete the WBS to several levels such that the lowest level represents work packages and activities. Also, you need to make sure that no work components are missing to deliver the project outcome: a single-family home. You are asked to exclude the project management part of it and instead focus on the what aspect of the project and not on the how aspect of the WBS.

Develop a WBS (work breakdown structure) in Microsoft word (using tables).


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