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Discuss the Set & Costume Design.

Watch videos and write an essay

video link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtfifPM8Xl6_V8xQc-Ub6Rg/videos?view=0&sort=da&flow=grid

Please note that this video has been broken into 9 video section. View all 9 then answer the questions below.

Your observation and answers should be a narrative totaling about 2- 3 typed pages (at least 2 1/3 page). (Be sure to answer all the following questions)

  1. Select 2 characters from the play and discuss their performances in the areas of:
    1. Acting(Character Development & Use of Speaking Voice).
    2. Singing Voice.
    3. Movement or Dance Ability.
  2. Discuss the Set & Costume Design!
    1. Does the set allow the actors to move freely on the Stage?
    2. Do the Costumes assist the audience in understanding the Characters on Stage?
    3. Can the actors move freely on stage? Are the costumes limiting the movement of actors while the dance or sing?
    4. Did you notice any problem with the actors during the Show that related to the Set or Costumes?
  3. How would you evaluate the technical aspects of the show during the performance?
    1. Did all of the light and sound cues work appropriately?
    2. Were there any mishaps during the run of the show? What were they? Who created the problems?
    3. How did the musicians and the sound crew work together? We’re singers having a problem with their mics so that you couldn’t hear them speak or sing? Was the band too loud or too soft. Explain what you observed!

Hi there, nice working with you. Here are some reminders:

1. Please check if you can access the link

2. The link contains 9 videos. please watch them all

3. No sources other than the videos are needed.

4. Please use specific examples to demonstrate.

5. Please be sure to answer all the questions.

6. This is a narrative, you don’t need to write very formal.

7. Please be sure to meet the word requirement


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