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Discuss which three social media platforms you will use in your social media campaign.

Social Media Promotion Plan

In this assignment, you will discuss how you will use social media to promote either your proposed peer-to-peer special event fundraiser (from week 4) or your organization (from week 1).

Include the following for your Social Media Promotions Plan:

  • A general synopsis of why using social media is an important part of today’s fundraising.
  • Discuss which three social media platforms you will use in your social media campaign. One of these platforms must be Facebook due to its overall importance as a fundraising tool.
  • Describe what types of activities would you conduct within each of your chosen for platforms, and how many times a month would you do it for each. For example, if you are going to use Twitter, discuss when you would tweet, to whom you would tweet and provide a sample.
  • Would you conduct your social media campaign during a specific time of year or year round?
  • If possible, provide an example of a Facebook page or social promotion for a similar fundraiser.

This activity is matched to the following Learning Outcomes: Students will examine critical fund development issues facing today’s nonprofits. Review and evaluate an agency’s existing fund development program elements with their fellow classmates. Discuss past elements and their success of an agency’s overall fund development plan. Create a return on investment model for future elements of a development plan for longevity and relevance of the programs to an agency’s mission. Prepare and submit various special events, direct mail/online and leadership giving elements for class review and evaluation. The student will review historical funding sources and determine future interest areas and niche development opportunities to support a nonprofit agency. Improve skills in identifying new funding sources by searching the internet, corporate documents, foundations resources and individual contacts and relationship. Students will us appropriate writing and oral skills. Prepare written work using the appropriate APA style.


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