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Do you see a moral dilemma in connecting abortion with declining crime rates?


Answer 2 parts of questions, Each Part must be at least 1 page long.

Part 1:

Bosworth (2010) ask: “How is it that, despite their manifest failings, prisons are seemingly so legitimate and uncontested?” (p.2). Respond to the question based on your understanding of the assigned readings this week (i.e. Bosworth and Brown). Make sure to discuss the concepts of penal populism (Bosworth, 2010) and penal spectatorship (Brown, 2009).

Part 2:

Think critically about the recent criminalization of abortion in the context of this podcast. If crime rates dropped as a result of an increase in abortions due to legality, availability, (and social acceptance?), what does that mean for our ‘tough-on-crime’ society as described by Bosworth?

What is your reaction to the data presented in the podcast? Do you see a moral dilemma in connecting abortion with declining crime rates? Why do you think the same politicians that run on law and order/tough on crime platforms also criminalize abortion?

should be no less than one (1) page, must be written in formal English, in Times New Roman, 12pt. font, and double-spaced. You must cite the chapter at least one (1) time in your answer for each part. All citations and references must be in APA-style formatting.


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