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Ecotourism Assignment | Custom Essay Help

While examining satellite imagery of the Ecuador rainforest you notice that areas that have been previously clear cut are showing signs of renewed forest cover over the past few decades. In addition, you are aware that new country policies include promoting local ecotourism, but the price of lumber has also declined, so it’s not as profitable to cut trees. You would like to know if ecotourism has had an effect so you can push for policies that will lead to more income for the local forest residents. List the steps in the scientific method that you could take to scientifically evaluate your suspicion about the effects of tourism, or if declines in lumber prices are the only factor. For each step in your process, name the step in the scientific method, and state what your specific step would be in this scenario (as shown in the example below). Follow the process for one full round (and only one round) of evaluation. (You will have to make up some hypothetical results).


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