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Prepare a brief (no more than 12 slides) PowerPoint presentation to disseminate the findings of the provided article to your fellow students or colleagues in your practice area or to another group who would be interested in this research such as clients or patients. This is your target audience. The content of your presentation must include – a title page indicating the title of the presentation, who the presenter is (you) and your credentials. If the title of your presentation is the title of the article then a footer may be used on this slide to reference the authors and year. Next, identify your target audience, the title and reference for the article, why you selected this research article, the research problem/question and/or purpose, whether the study uses a qualitative or quantitative approach, how the researcher(s) to address ethical considerations, major findings of the study, and the value of the article to evidence-based practice. Your assignment will also be graded for APA including a reference list, conciseness, creativity, design (slides not over crowded with text), consistency in terms of font size, style, titles etc., and grammar and spelling.marking_criteria (3) Article for assignment 1


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