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Geodemographic Segmentation: Finding Your People Assignment | Custom Essay Help

Finding and Targeting Your People

Geodemographic Segmentation: Finding Your People
Geodemographics is a common and effective means to segment potential customers. Leveraging both demographic (e.g., gender, age, income, marital status) and psychographic (e.g., habits, hobbies, spending habits, values) data, households can be classified into segments and the relative attractiveness of these segments for your product or service can be determined.
In this interactivity, you’re going to take a geodemographic system (Prizm Premier) and determine which segment best describes you. Then, exploring map data, you’ll assess how common your segment is for where you live and where you could live amongst more people like yourself! Finally, with knowledge of your segment’s profile, you’re going to suggest a promotion for your internship brand targeted specifically to your segment.
Guided Response:

Begin by perusing the Prizm Premier interactive tutorial.
You’ll note there are 68 segments. Fortunately these are broken into 11 lifestage groups that provide a more manageable starting point.
Visit thePrizm Premier Lifestage Groups page and determine the following:
The lifestage group and segment that best matches you
How common your segment is where you live
Where you could move to find more of “your people”
How to do all that? Our step by step Prizm Premier Tutorial reveals all.
Imagine you’re executing a targeted promotion. Tell us the product or service and deal that you will pitch your segment and justify its appeal.
Feel free to package products or services together.
Your Premier Prizmlifestage group
Your Premier Prizm segment and the characteristics driving your choice
The “popularity” index of your selected segment where you live
The high indexing area for your segment that you’ve chosen and its value. Tell us what town is in your county that we might have heard of (or any other attraction).
Your segment specific targeted promotional offer and rationale
Create a promotion from your mentor marketer to target your segment.


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