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How are the storylines and characters controlled by fate or free will?

What is the role that fate and free will play in the literature read in PopLit this year?


  1. Choose 3 pieces of literature to examine..
  2. Write a concise essay to include:
    1. Introduction Paragraph
      1. Make sure to mention the title of all literature (plays, novels) in italics = Hamlet, Iliad, Oedipus the King
      2. Mention all authors’ full names (William Shakespeare is a playwright)
      3. When mentioning character names, do not italicize = Oedipus, Hamlet
    2. Body Paragraphs with supporting quotes
      1. To parenthetically cite the line numbers used in Shakespeare’s work, list as follows in parenthesis: (Ham. act.scene.line).
      2. Ex: Hamlet wrestles with his inability to act upon his father’s murder, as he contemplates “How all occasions do inform against [him] and spur [his] dull revenge” (Ham. 4.4.34-35).
    3. Conclusion paragraph
  3. Follow MLA guidelines
    1. MLA Heading
    2. 12 point font
    3. Ariel or Times New Roman font style
    4. Double spaced
    5. Centered original title
    6. Page numbering
    7. Works Cited Page with all three pieces of literature you used.
    8. Consult OWL Purdue for more help and sample essay format
  4. Remain objective; no first person (I, me, my, us, ours, we). Not opinion essay
  5. Argument Outline found here

How are the storylines and characters controlled by fate or free will? Examine all characters’ actions that led to their conclusions; was it fate or free will that dictated where they ended up? What impact might fate or free will have upon the society or times in which the stories were written? Choose 3 pieces of literature with textual evidence to support your claim.


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