How Working in a Small Group can be used in My Life Assignment | Online Assignment

Research Papers alternative to Group Projects Essay for Group Project Two: (10-12 pages double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt font, 1inch margins) Specific focus: How does your career path or discipline of interest use small groups? What are effective ways in which your types of organizations communicate? What key elements would you emphasize when training someone in this field? Explain any important theories or research in group communication that is important for practitioners in your chosen field. 12 sources minimum APA or MLA style Grading and objective statement: These should be thoughtful essays that examine communication and participation in small groups. The objective is for you to demonstrate an awareness and understanding of the costs/benefits and principles of working in a group both generally (essay alternative for group project one) and in ways specific to your career path (essay alternative for group project two). 10% = language choices and grammar 20% = Organization/Structure 70% = Research and content


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