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Look at the Conceptual Model of HR.  Choose one area you find interesting.  Based on your own experiences and readings, what would you like to see happen in that area?  For instance, in Total Rewards/Compensation, maybe you’d like to have paid family medical leave.  In performance management, perhaps you would like to have a particular type of appraisal process.  Or, if you’re looking at employee relations, maybe you’d like to adopt a teleworking policy at an organization.  Maybe you see a change in the labor pool, law, or technology that will impact your chosen HR area and you want to address how such change will be incorporated.

Once you’ve identified a specific area to explore, ask:  If I had to propose this idea to executive management, how could I address the pro vs. con questions:

–How might it impact a hypothetical organization’s strategic direction and operations? Why would an organization want or not want to do this?

–How might it impact employees? Why would employees want or not want this?

–What impact would it have on other parts of the HR system?  Would other dimensions of HR need to change in order for my proposal to work?  What support might be needed from the other HR areas?  For instance, would we have to pay more, revise job descriptions, train staff, or lay-off people?

–How would we measure whether my proposed idea succeeded?

–What are real organizations doing about this?  Give at least one specific, referenced example.


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