Identify a configuration management standard (ISO) .

In an expanding range of industries, the number of changesrequired over the product life-cycle is burgeoning as designsbecome more complex and software dependent. The changes are neednot only correct discovered problems but also to adapt designs tochanging requirements and customer needs. But the challenge ofmanaging these changes is complicated by many factors. For example:it must be done within the context of the overall product; it mustbe done over the entire product life-cycle which for some productsmay extend over many decades; and it is not only about managing theindividual changes but also managing their potential and sometimesunanticipated interactions. The management of such changes has beena core theme in ISO 9001 since its earliest versions. For examplein ISO 9001:2015, clause 6.3 refers to planning of changes, clause7.5.3 relates to control of documented information, clause 8.2.4covers changes to requirements, clause 8.3.6 covers design anddevelopment changes, clause 8.5.2 encompasses identification andtraceability and so. Configuration management is a discipline whichhas emerged from its military origins to support these and relatedclauses in a multitude of industries including aerospace, softwareand construction. Using a clear example:Define the terms ‘configuration’ and ‘configurationmanagement.Describe the five processes which are generally consideredto comprise the discipline of configuration.For each of these processes, explain one consequence if itis not properly implemented.Identify (in a single sentence), a configuration managementstandard (ISO or otherwise).


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