Identify any barriers and benefits to this behaviour

TASK: Apply the Consumer-Based Social Marketing framework to design a program that would encourage you to adopt a new environmentally friendly behaviour at home When purchasing goods or services, or just doing things in our life, we have the opportunity to do so in a way that is environmentally sustainable, or not so sustainable. Environmental sustainability issues are pervasive in business, and in our world. Social marketing provides a framework to bring about necessary changes in behaviour for societal and environmental wellbeing. The study of consumer behaviour provides a solid foundation for the application of social marketing efforts. The Community-Based Social Marketing (CBSM) approach provides both a process and toolbox for Marketers to use to bring about improved environmental outcomes by influencing behaviours that support more environmentally friendly outcomes. Your task Draw upon your knowledge of CBSM to design a program that would encourage you to change your own behaviour, and which may influence the behaviour of others in your household, towards an improved environmentally friendly behaviour at home. To complete this task, you thus need to reflect upon yourself and the things that influence and motivate your behaviour and share these reflections alongside your analysis of the CBSM. You will need to use the CBSM framework (first 3 steps) and the tools for influencing behaviour change to complete this task. Be sure to first think about ‘what’ you want ‘people like you’ to do! 1. Decide on the behaviour you want to target 2. Identify any barriers and benefits to this behaviour 3. Using the toolbox, design a program that would help overcome these barriers and thus motivate you, and others in your household, to adopt the new behaviour


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