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Impact and implications of a massive shift in our workforce Assignment | Professional Writing Services

Your writing should be clear, concise, and thoughtful, not just a regurgitation of the material presented in the text. In your writing, please use the third person in your writing unless I am asking for an opinion.
In your writing for each question, I require that the sum of your initial posting be a minimum of 300 words and must include references (APA style) for information cited. You are also expected to respond to one fellow student per discussion question.In 2001, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Hedrick Smith, examined the impact and implications of a massive shift in our workforce. Please view the film, “Juggling Work and Family,”.

Discuss whether you believe things have changed in the two decades since the timely documentary was first published. Do you think America has realigned its priorities and created ways to protect the family while keeping its competitive advantages? Provide examples from the documentary.


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