Implementing Virtual Teams- google drone delivery

2 slides on google drone delivery:

Step 8: Research Group Decision-Making Processes

You have probably come to realize since you started working on this project the importance of having good mechanisms in place to make decisions as a group. Research and compile a list of specific resources for brainstorming and other decision-making processes.

Step 9: Identify Training and Technology Needs
After reading up on how to make decisions as a group, your next step will be to identify training opportunities. To identify those opportunities, complete the following tasks:

Identify optimal information and communication technology (ICT) (team communication) to facilitate communication, collaboration, and decision making.

Identify necessary training for virtual teams and consider the pros and cons of the CEO’s preference to conduct the team training online rather than with a preliminary face-to-face meeting.

Include a cost-benefit analysis that helps the CEO understand the pros and cons of her preference for virtual teams. Refer to the Michel and Oliverio (2007) article in cost-benefit analysis.


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