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Jungian psychological theory Assignment | Professional Writing Services


As we have witnessed in various outside sources and have practiced in various activities and assignments, both Jungian and literary archetypes are helpful tools for analyzing the social significance of creative texts. They help readers construct more relatable meaning out of the behaviors, actions and motives of distinctly different characters within a text while also creating analytical connections amongst texts that emanate from different times, locales, cultures, etc.

The prompt for this essay is as follows:

How does archetypal analysis or other parts of Jungian psychological theory explain and interpret any of the fictional elements of Fight Club?

In this essay, you will be applying the ideas of Jungian psychology to the fictional elements of the dystopian novel Fight Club to compose a research-driven literary analysis. In such academic essays, you want to focus on very specific aspects of the text and take a deep dive into analyzing that part or those parts of the novel. For example, an appropriate example of this focus would be to analyze the relationship dynamics of Tyler and the narrator as a representation of how parts of the psyche interact with one another. On the other hand, you’ll want to avoid merely writing multiple surface-level analyses of without clear connections amongst them.

To identify and analyze the ideologically foundational aspects of these fictional groups (i.e. fight clubs and Project Mayhem), you may want to pay attention to the following elements of the texts:

• The rules and objectives of Fight Club
• The rules and objectives of Project Mayhem
• Both groups’ perceptions of corporate and personal wealth
• Both groups’ perceptions of gender roles
• Both groups’ perceptions of authority figures
• Both groups’ perceptions of individual rights and liberties
• Characters’ lines of external dialogue
• The narrator’s (aka Jack’s) lines of internal dialogue
• Significance of plot points as they relate to the themes of dystopian literature/Jungian archetypes
• Significance of settings as they relate to the themes of dystopian literature/Jungian archetypes
• Interpretation of character relationships (both friendly and hostile) as they relate to themes of dystopian literature/Jungian archetypes
• Figurative language passages
• Patterns of language use
• Effects of language use


• Individually written
• 8-10 pgs.
• MLA formatted in-text citations and works cited page
• 6 sources other than Fight Club (including those from the course)
• 2x spaced; 12 point Arial or Helvetica font; 1” borders on all margins


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