List the set of constraints and constraint graph.

Constraint Satisfaction problem Hey, need help with thisproblem: ‘A restaurant wants to plan four-course meal, here are all theoptions: – appetizer, time for preparation 15 min – main course 1,time for preparation 15 min – main course 2, time for preparation30 min – dessert, time for preparation 30 min In order to ensureproper service, appetizer must be prepared before main courses.Also, main course 2 and dessert can’t be preparedsimultaneously’ (a) As a Constraint Satisfaction problem: describe the set ofvariables, their domain, list the set of constraints and constraintgraph. (b) Show the search tree when applied with backtracking searchwithout forward checking (show the domain for each variable atevery point) (c) Redo (b) but with forward checking Any help would be muchappreciated


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