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Project 2: Plan Your Dream Trip (up to 25 points) Imagine that you’ve won $3,000 that you can only spend that on a vacation that will take you to any city in the world and let you stay there for one week! Where would you go? What would you see? Where would you stay? Sometimes planning a vacation is nearly as fun as going on one 🙂 . Plus, you learn so much in the process… For this optional (extra credit) final project, plan out a week-long trip to a place you’ve never been before. It can be anywhere in the world, as long as you haven’t been there. Focus your trip on one single city. I know there’s a lot to see, but I want you to take time to really get to know this place. Also, make sure that you stay in your budget of $3,000 max! 1) Start with the flight info. What airline would you take and where would you fly in and out of? Include cost. 2) Then consider local transportation costs. How do you plan to get around once there? How do you plan to get to your hotel, sights, restaurants, etc.? 3) Where will you stay? What hotel and in what neighborhood? Why did you select this location? Maybe you prefer an AirBnB or a hostel? How much does it cost nightly? 4) Select at least 4 things to do while there- it could be anything. Keep a log of how much each activity will cost you (entrance fees, registration, classes, etc). 5) Pick at least 3 restaurants you want to try. Explain why you want to try these specific restaurant and list what you plan to eat there. You can find all the info you need online, and there’s so much information out there. Once you’ve gathered all the information, put together a document with images embedded (PowerPoint or Word) outlining the various steps of the trip. Be sure to address all 5 categories listed about and don’t forget to include the costs for everything. Covert your file into a PDF file, since you can only upload a PDF file for this assignment Have fun!


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