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Natural resource management Assignment | Online Assignment Help

Minimum of 11 pages typed double-spaced of text (i.e. that does not include title page, literature cited, pictures, etc.).

The purpose of this work is to demonstrate your ability to analyze the materials covered in this class–it is your chance to show off what you have learned in this class. You will do this by researching an environmental issue that you’re interested in; though the class has focused on western public land issues, you may choose any issue related to natural resource management. The research paper must include the following components:

1.Clearly define the issue from a historical perspective (e.g. why is it an issue, what policies and regulations are pertinent to the issue, etc.)

2. What is the current standing of the issue (e.g. who are the major players involved; what are the on-going planning, administrative, or legislative efforts to resolve the issue, what are the controversies surrounding the issue, etc.)

3.In what direction is the issue headed in the future, (e.g. are the major players involved progressing towards a resolution. If so, why. If not, develop some strategic ideas of how it could be resolved; where is the resolution; what type of leadership needs to occur, etc.)

In order to receive full credit for the work you must include references to at least two (preferably more) principles and theories learned throughout the semester as they pertain to your research topic.

References to the theories and principles discussed in class should include material from the required reading, supplemental readings, websites, class lectures, etc.; be comprehensive. All material in your answers that comes from sources other than your own head must be referenced. Information from printed sources should be referenced with the name of the author and the page number where it was found.

The key to success on this work should be when I’m finished reading your research, I should be able to comfortably say that you have been fully engaged in the class, critically read all the required reading, and is able to synthesize and utilized that information in a coherent way as it relates to an environmental issue.

Use the websites referenced at the end of the syllabus if you need help finding a topic. Please contact me if you need additional help finding a topic to research.


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