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“Literacy” is a word used in many different ways. Traditionally, it has been defined as competency with the written word, or the ability to read and write. However, in recent years, the term “literacy” has grown to include many different forms of fluency, and the meaning of the word has evolved to indicate that one has proficiency in a specified area.
We have read several essays that discuss the importance of literacy as it is traditionally defined—pertaining to the written word. There are, however, many types of literacy that are important to Americans in the 21st Century.
In this essay, you will be required to identify a form of 21st century literacy that you believe will be important in the future, and to conduct research on that form of literacy. You will then craft an argument that analyzes the role of that literacy in the present and future and that makes a compelling argument for the why and how that literacy should grow
o Your remaining sources must be accessed through the library.
o You may use no more than one video source.
o You may not use any websites (Library databases accessed through the internet are okay)

+++Your score for this paper will be based largely on the following:
Introduction – Remember that every introduction serves at least two major functions: it discusses any necessary background (context), and it introduces the thesis statement.
1. Thesis –You are expected to craft a thesis using the C-S-C method. Your thesis must meet all requirements
listed in the prompt, avoid general terminology, and set a specific focus for your paper.
2. Topic sentences – Your topic sentences should also follow the C-S-C format. Each topic sentence should
carefully connect back to a key idea from your thesis statement. Your topic sentences must avoid general terminology and act as a magnifying glass, setting up a focused discussion about something that you allude to in your thesis statement.
3. Body paragraphs – Your body paragraphs must focus on developing the claim you make in your topic sentence. Your own ideas and arguments are most important to this development—do not simply summarize our readings. You will need to use “W” questions to develop your analysis thoroughly. Body paragraphs should be presented in a logical order and should have a natural “flow.”
“Showing” important details – Important details should be illustrated for the audience; show them what you mean, rather than telling them.
Appropriate use of sources – Sources should not be the main focus of the paper; they should be used to support an argument. All sources must be appropriately integrated and cited.
Strength of argument – Your argument should be strong, logical, and well-supported.
4. Conclusion – Your conclusion must wrap up your discussion while working to connect to your audience one last time. Remember that you must use the conclusion to answer the question “So what?” (or, in other words, “Why should my audience care about what they just read?”).


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