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Drug/ Alcohol/ Tobacco: Personal Experience Paper

The first major paper in the course will be an examination of your personal experience, attitudes, beliefs, and prior understanding and knowledge of/with drug use. You may change details in your personal story to protect the identities or circumstances of anything you wish share. You will be required to type a minimum three (3) page discussion that will include all of the following criteria: •How you define a drug. •Your family history with drugs. •Your personal experience with drugs. •The consequences you experienced as a result of drug use. This can address the positive results or the negative results. •Experience (s) which molded your beliefs of drug use, or moments where something was learned from them. •Your beliefs and values about drug use. •Any major concerns you have regarding drug use. Use Arial 12PT font, double-spaced without extra spacing between paragraphs, 1″ margins throughout. Cover page, running header, and page numbers are encouraged. If you use direct quotes, you must include in-text citations along with a reference page.


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