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Length: 3-5 pages double-spaced minimum Due date: Friday, May 29/20 11.59 pm – Assignments – personal ideology (do not wait to the last minute – lates will be strictly enforced; if you submit the wrong file, you must e-mail me the correct one before the deadline) Bibliography: not needed Citations: not needed You are simply to outline your political ideology – how you see the political world in terms of its actual operation and ideally, what the best possible world would be. You must identify your ideology in terms of one of the existing ones (see course notes for this). If you do not have a firm ideology yet, you can make this known – but this exercise if for you to start to develop this. Make sure your ideas are logically consistent. 1/ This is not a formal essay, so you do not need a formal introduction and conclusion. 2/ However, write in complete sentences and paragraphs. 3/ The Essay Instructions document may give you some help here, so consult it, but remember this assignment is not an essay. 4/ This assignment is pass/fail: if you do the above properly, you will get 15/15. If it is not done correctly, you will get 0/15. I will not comment on or return these assignments. I will post the grades to OWL by early June. If it is late, it gets 8/15 (if done properly). The final date for late submission is July, 31th


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