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During 2015 Cassandra Albright, who is single, worked part-time at a doctor’s office and received a W-2. She also had a cash-basis consulting practice that had the following income and expenses: Revenue$48,000 Laptop computer purchased 4/23/15 (§ 179 elected)2,300 Travel 2,500 miles for business, 13,000 personal Supplies500 Cell phone charge540 Professional code622000 Cassandra (SSN 412-34-5670) resides at 1400 Medical Street, Apt. 3A, Lowland, CA 12345. Her W-2 shows the following: Wages$45,300 Federal withholding4,983 Social security wages45,300 Social security withholding2,809 Medicare withholding657 State withholding2,265 Other income: 1099-INT Old Bank2,300 1099-DIV Bake Co., Inc.—Ordinary dividends3,100 Qualified dividends3,100 Cassandra had the following itemized deductions: State income tax withholding$ 2,265 State income tax paid with the 2014 return 350 Real estate tax 3,450 Mortgage interest12,300 Cassandra made two federal estimated payments of $7,000 each on June 15 and September 15. She had qualifying health care coverage at all times during the tax year.Prepare Form 1040 for Cassandra for 2015, including Schedule A, Schedule B, Schedule C, Schedule SE and Form 4562. Use the appropriate Tax Tables.

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