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For your final project, you will analyze an environmental issue of your choosing using approaches from the environmental humanities: i.e. film, poetry, visual arts (photography, painting, sculpture, screen printing, textiles, etc), history, philosophy, nature writing, fiction, creative nonfiction, personal essay, performance, or others.  Imagine you are communicating an environmental issue to the public (plastic pollution, for example). They’ve heard some reports on scientific data pertaining to the issue: measurements/calculations of tons of plastic in the ocean and impact on marine life population. Your job, however, is to draw on the humanities to further explore the complexities of this issue and communicate those elements to communities beyond the sciences.

This week, you will submit a proposal that outlines the environmental issue you have chosen to explore and the humanities-based approach or approaches you will use.  Your proposal will detail form that your final project will take, the reason you have selected these particular approaches, and the story your project will tell.

Proposal Requirements:

  1. Your proposal should begin with a description of the environmental issue you have selected.  Why have you selected this issue?  Why is it interesting and important to you?  Next, your proposal should describe the environmental humanities approach or approaches you are going to use to analyze and communicate this issue to the public, and the reason you have chosen to use these approaches.  Why are these approaches well suited to thinking through this particular environmental issue?  This section should be at least 200 words.
  2. Your proposal should also describe the form that your final project will take.  What will you submit at the end of the term?  How will you use these environmental humanities approaches to analyze the issue you selected?    This section should be at least 200 words.
  3.  Finally, your proposal should describe the story your project will tell.  In other words: what message will you communicate with this project?  What do you want your audience to feel/understand/learn/do as a result of engaging with your project?   This section should be at least 200 words.


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