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Research one of the following criminal gangs: Sons of Samoa, TAP Boyz, Tiny Rascals Gangsters, Dead Man Incorporated, KUMI 415, or the Zoe Pound.

Use the following bullet format for your Research Paper.:

Your name: Gang Name
Gang history / Gang location / Gang membership (strength)
Gang colors, symbols, tattoos, or hand signs (pictures are allowed provided the picture is no larger than 2 inched by 2 inches). Remember, I grade what you write, not what you “cut and paste.”
Any interesting or novel information regarding the gang
Allies / Adversaries
Paper guidelines:

The paper should be at least three (3) pages of substance using Times New Roman, double spacing, and 12 point font.
The paper must contain APA cite format and an APA Bibliography.
Be sure to include the URL for your Internet website in your bibliography. Word has an automated APA-Bibliography generator. For more information, see my virtual office.
The paper must contain at least two (2) Internet sources. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source.
50 points will be deducted if you cite sources that are not available on the Internet.
Run spell and grammar check on your paper.
Fifty (50) points will be deducted for more than five (5) spelling or grammatical errors..
Do not commit plagiarism. I will grade what you write, not what you copy and paste.
Quotes must be in quotation marks and limited to no more than seven (7) words in a sentence.


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