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Research Proposal Essay | Online Homework Help

This assignment consists of an 2 page Research Proposal, which includes the following components:

(1) Problem or Objective – What is the topic of your study? Why is it worth studying? Does the proposed study contribute to the general knowledge in some area of the social sciences? Does it have practical application?
(2) Literature Review – What have others written about your topic? What theories have been promulgated? What research has been conducted? Are previous research findings consistent or do they disagree? Are there flaws in the body of existing research that you feel you can remedy? Is your study a replication of previously conducted research?
(3) Research Questions – What specific questions will your research attempt to answer? Based on your literature review, what new information do you expect to find? Think of your research questions as a more specific version of the problem or objective described earlier.
(4) Subjects for Study – Whom or what will you study to collect data? How will you identify the study subjects? How will you select a sample to represent your population? If there is any possibility that subjects may be harmed by participating in the research, how will you ensure that they are not harmed? If you will be using human subjects, you need to include a consent form as an appendix to your proposal.
(5) Measurement – What are the key variables in your study? How will you define and measure them? Do your definitions and measurement methods duplicate or differ from those of previous research on this topic? If you have already developed your measurement device (a questionnaire, for example), or if you are using something developed by others, you should include a copy as an appendix to your proposal.
(6) Data Collection Methods – How will you actually collect the data for your study? Will you observe behavior directly or conduct a survey? Will you undertake field research, or will you focus on the reanalysis of data already collected by others?
(7) Proposed Data Analysis – Briefly describe the kind of analysis you plan to conduct. Spell out the purpose and logic of your analysis.
(8) References – Include a list of all materials you consulted and cited in your proposal. This may include books, articles, websites, videos, etc. The list should be on a separate page with the heading “References.” All citations, both in the body of your proposal as well as in the References list are to be in APA style. A link to an APA style manual may be found in the Syllabus/Documents section of this course site.
Each section of the proposal should have a heading as noted above and include narrative to address the topic. The sections should include sufficient details for a review board to be able to determine the efficacy of your design.


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