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Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is an all-inclusive healthcare amendment enacted into law by President Obama in March 2010. Formerly regarded as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and frequently only considered as the Obamacare, the statute comprises of a list of healthcare strategies projected to prolong health insurance coverage to most uninsured American citizens.

Elements of ACA

The health act comprises of several important components in relation to the community and public health. They include expanding accessibility to insurance cover. The affordable care act targets to provide insurance cover to approximately thirty million uninsured citizens. This is achieved through expanding private and public insurance. Secondly, increasing consumer protection. This is accomplished by prohibiting lifetime monetary caps and restriction of yearly caps. The third element involves focus on prevention and wellness. This component institutes a prevention and public reserve for providing grants to other states to facilitate disease prevention. The fourth component entails improving health quality and system performance. For example, comparative study to facilitate the efficiency of various medical treatments and project demonstration to generate payment mechanisms to enhance efficiency and the outcomes.

Role of Nurses

According to Edmonds Campbell and Gilder (2017), nurses are liable for the promotion of healthcare services. The statute has brought about prospects for nurses to make people and also health care systems to be strong at their maximum point. Nurses are mandated to offer preventive care that may appeal to more people into the state primary care system.  Nurses have a critical role in the coordination of roles in corporations for accountable care. People within the nursing career are aggressively involved in fostering attempts for advancement of patient care and cost reduction. Nurses communicate with patients regarding the superlative prevention methods along with appropriate and most effective care. As a result, they promote the execution of the Affordable Care Act.




Edmonds, J. K., Campbell, L. A., & Gilder, R. E. (2017). Public health nursing practice in the Affordable Care Act era: A national survey. Public Health Nursing34(1), 50-58.


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