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Components of a Software Inventory

The development of a software inventory helps in enhancing effective management of all software and applications utilized within an IT environment. The software inventory may differ in context and size depending on the purpose it is designed to achieve. For heavy machineries and programs requiring heavy computation, the use of vast storage space and processing capacity is a critical part of the software inventory. The software is critical to ensure a system runs smoothly and efficiently to achieve its intended objectives. This posits that software inventory is designed on the basis of program requirements and needs.

The components of a software environment for a simple education program can be analyzed to include the following; –

  • Storage capacity: Required to enable storage of reading files and materials.
  • Processor speed: Essential to ensure that all programs and applications function in the electronic device used to facilitate education.
  • Security program: Used to protect data from unauthorized access and malicious attacks such as viruses.
  • Vendor: utilized to determine the confidentiality, authenticity, and integrity of the software.
  • Installation mode: Can be offline or online.
  • Data: The size and quantity of data is vital for the functionality of the program.
  • Forecasts: Used to determine the durability and sustainability of the applications used.

Each component functions to achieve its intended objective. In overall, all the components comprise ofin a system manner to attain an overall objective. Thus, their functionalities are primarily informed by the intended objective.


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