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Counter-Terrorism and Human Rights

Terrorism has spread its impact throughout the globe. Many people, noble and young, men and women, have suffered injuries and many more have been murdered through the harsh hands of terrorists (Cooper, 2007)Terrorism has had great impact on human rights, individual costs of treatment, destabilized governments, disrupt peace security, and bring economic and social development to a halt. The degrading impacts all affect the pleasure of enjoying human rights.

Individual security of each citizen is the responsibility of the government. It is a government responsibility to ensure that each citizen is protected by setting up security measures and a solid justice system that ensures the terrorists are controlled where possible. Nevertheless, measures set to counter terrorism might often affect human rights and the rule of law. Some states employ torture and ill-treatment to counter terrorism which are against other laws which protect citizens from torture. It calls for the need for counter-terrorism strategies that play the collective role of preventing terrorism, prosecuting those responsible for the acts, and protecting human rights (Shor &Hoadley, 2019).In future, governments will have to employ measures that do not undermine human rights. Terrorists should be punished through methods that are acceptable and yet good enough to get them to reform. It calls for all stakeholders to take part in the process of coming up with laws and policies against terrorism. NGOs, human rights policy research institutes, human rights academic study institutes, and human rights blogs and individual champions must stand together with or against the government to protect human rights

Terrorism has had grave and very heavy impact throughout the globe. Governments have taken measures to protect their citizens from terrorism and to ensure those responsible are punished for their actions. However, the measures taken are often against human rights and must be adjusted in future.




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