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Criteria for Project Approval and Project Authority

The realization of any project is reliant on the capability of a development team to meet the needs of the clients. The communication between the customer and the development team is crucial in the delivery of a solution that fits product and market needs.Prior to theproject commencement, Merck Foundation, in conjunction with Lavender Co., will seek contributions from supporters, non-governmental and non-profit organizations. The project will be regarded as successful if the above goalsare met together with the subsequent standards. Foremost, instigating the vaccine drives in someareas in Burundi simultaneously to guarantee thescheme has a wider stretch. Second, electronic recording of the data pertaining to children being vaccinated. That will help identify the number of children that have been vaccinated during the project. Third, providing a report of any side effects of the vaccines within three days after vaccination. The fourth criteria involves taking down the vaccination campsand last, gatheringall AFLAB belongings from project sites.

Project Authority

Ms. Ade Fallah is allotted as the project manager. The World health organization will endeavour to institute and preserve partnerships with the stakeholders in the Burundian Health ministry and donors of the project. The World Health Organization is committed to the implementing the vaccines and maintaining a longstandingpartnershipto facilitate continuous vaccination of children against various ailments. They include fever, hepatitis A/B, typhoid, cholera, rabies, meningitis, polio, MMR, chickenpox, pneumonia, influenza, and malaria (World Health Organisation. (2020).Theproject manager will be liable for supervision the project conclusion by the set conclusion date, management of deliverables, and leading and management of the project team. Ade is similarly authorized to directly communicate with community agents and stakeholders after the initial gathering/information sitting has been conducted.


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