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Diversity of views transform American society.

How did a diversity of views transform American society?

Americais a nationthatcomprises ofmultiples culturaldiversities, where people havedivergentcultures, religions, and beliefs.  No single community in the country can claimto havethe AmericanJurisdiction as their original place of ancestry. Only the Red Indian community has the remoteapplication of decent over the American soil. This population has so much diversity, where it brought on board multiplecultural systems, practices, and even beliefs.

American society was not always the way it currently is. In terms of gender norms, religionand culture it took around 180 years to transform and accept diversity. Due to all the changes in American society, there grew a high level of social interaction(Mekouar 1). There was an improvement of the regional economic dynamics,which were improved by the different types of people, and voice shows came together. As a result of the diversity of views in the country,peoplecanrespecteach other’sreligions, opinionsabout life, political differences,and varying diversities.

Manypeople of different races, tribes,and affiliationscan live together. Over the most recentyears, people have continued to elect and nominate persons of divergent diversities including the minorities in the community. An example isBarrack Obama,whowas the first black person to be elected as president of the United States. ManyHispanic, Black,and Asian populations live together in harmony and have over years lived in harmony, despite their different diversities.  As communities diversify, the country is becoming better off, in terms of cohesionand livingtogether in harmony(Greg and Paul 1). The new growth of diversity has come with positive attitudes of ethnic and racial minorities, making the country become amulti-ethnic population, with common values.



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