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Ethical leadership

 The answers to the questions

  1. I would do what is fair.
  2. I would do what a good person would do.
  3. I would so what benefits most people.
  4. I would do what shows that I care about my relationships
  5. I would so what benefits the most.
  6. I would do what is right.
  7. I would do what is fair.
  8. I would do what is fair.
  9. I would so what benefits the most.
  10. I would do what a good personwould do.

An analysis by describing what the results

From the results, it is manifest that Iholdseveralleadership ethics.I scored high on some value more than others. I possess more virtue and caring ethics, as compared to duty ethics. This is since, in most situations, I would consider caring for the personsaccused of eithermaking a mistake or failing to performa certain duty, especially whenthere was an understandable reason that would have them do it.  I also scored high on virtueethics, since in most cases, my decision would be based on the justice of the accusedperson in the case.

Observing justice is an indication of fairness, where   I believe that justice at the workplace leads to more motivation, health, and wellbeing, leading to high performing organizations.  I alsoscored high onUtilitarian Ethics, which is an ethicalchoicethatproduces the greatest good. On duty ethics, I scoredlow since I preferred to pardon persons found on the wrong in most of my answers or make decisions that seem just to the accusedrather than to the outcome. Finally, on egoism ethics, I scored lowly since I did not act in my interests or desires in most cases but rather focused on the wellbeing of other organizational roles.



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