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Factual Statistics

Factual Statistics Discussion

Integrating statistics is anauthoritativemode of adding a quantifiable and convincingfacet to an individual’s knowledge. It offers a foundationthat aids in developing anargument, proving a statement, or supporting an idea. Thefirst question I constantlyenquire when provided with statistics or data/facts is the origin of the information. This is involves asking if the source was an observation or a study conducted by the individual stating it or it originated from a reliable, substantiated and credited sources. The subsequentqueries I would most likely assesswill include the information date. This entails assessing if the information is from a recent research or experiment. How big was the geographical populace being planned or researched? Was the all the data collected in a single area or spread through a larger topographicalreach so data was less expected to be bias to a particularregion?

Age groups, philosophies, standards and principlesare all imperative when carrying out a research. For instance, ice scrapers that are frequently incorporated in New Jersey due to the snow conditions each year. On the other hand, in Florida, the climate is warmer and is not expected to experience snow conditions, ice scrapers are not used. It is challenging to carry outan effective research based on how effective ice scrappers is compared to other products or waysof getting rid of ice from a car windshield if the study is only done in Florida. Therefore, the origin of the data and the number of participants is significant in ascertaining the legitimacy of thefigures or a research. Being an inquisitive individual, I may requireverifying all the facts before believing them. When I accessinginformationthat brings in evidences and figures, I instantaneouslyaccess the internet and authenticatefrom several sources that contain truthful information and is accredited in a specific area of proficiency.Sound decisions and assumptionsshould be based on good, concrete information and statistics.





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