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Human Resource Management Project

Executive Summary

The functionalities of human resources management play’s an integral role in the successful implementation of any project. The project management planning enhances and streamlines the project’s resources, functionalities, and all features involved into a more comprehensive approach that guarantees project’s success. This report comprehensively analyzes key ways and approaches in which human resource management and project management planning can function effectively in establishing a project team and project phases essential to initiate the changes for a more centralized model of delivering HR services. The project is fundamental to impact on high competitiveness, productivity and efficiency of the human resources in the organization. The report analyzes approaches among which human resources team can enhance its capacity and select effective leadership approaches towards successful completing the project.

The report examines project scheduling and resource allocation as key components of achieving a centralized model of delivering HR services. the key aspects analyzed include behavioral skills associated with project resourcing, choosing the right people, effective delegation of tasks, creating awareness of tasks on the chosen people, and building the capacity and skills of the selected persons. Also, communication is a fundamental component for effective projective operations and functioning of HR management and delivering of vital HR services. The examination of communication indicates that it allows leaders and the employees to work cooperatively and collaboratively – a key feature for successful projects and HR services delivery.

Furthermore, the report includes the determination of budget as an essential part of the project and delivering of HR services. Budge entail a component that determines costs, cash flow, and allocation of resources. The project team requires motivation through fair compensation and appreciation of the possible project risks through the use of a SWOT analysis, checklist analysis and documentation reviews. Therefore, provide a roadmap in which human resources and projects should be efficiently handled for the assured realization of project’s success.


In conclusion, the project management planning and human resource management provide clear guidelines critical for successful implementation of any project. For the realization of efficient mechanisms vital to the delivering of HR services, the project asserts the profound importance of establishing an efficient team. The team selection is based on selection of the right persons that show profound competence in accomplishing the tasks. Tasks awareness is fundamental for the team to understand their roles and responsibility. As well, communication is crucial for the leadership to communicate the tasks and establish a channel in which the selected team can be involved and be part of the project.

Moreover, the report examines the role of budgeting, resources allocation, and project scheduling. This is vital to determine the project costs and constraints. This is vital to assure the team members of the efficacy of running a smooth project and provide business continuity. Project scheduling is vital to ensure the project runs without hitches and eliminates the possibility of the project’s failure. The project manager plays an integral role in delegating roles and ensuring the HR services are efficiently conducted. Therefore, every component is vital for the future functionalities and competitiveness of the human resources in the organization


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