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Human rights violations and civil liberties

Response Paper

The topic of what entails human rights has been a subject of debate for along time, of what it entails and the extent of each individual’s rights. In the 17th century, for example, there was a debate on whether individuals can give up some of their rights to be protected by the state(Shor & Sailofsky, 2019).  have been a subject of debate even in the most recent times. The debate has been escalated primarily when counter-terrorism is raised and when each citizen’s responsibilities in ensuring that country is secure are factored in.

It is a dilemma for nations to differentiate between supporting human rights and fighting terrorisms, where the unprecedented terrorist threats have led to declining respect for human life.  As a result, there has been growing attention from the international community on the increasing cases of human rights violations, where it has been noted that there is an increasing number of human right trials(Shor & Sailofsky, 2019).  As much as respectfor rights and liberties is compulsory foreach citizen, onemay fail to be protected if he/she is a part of a terror group or is one of the terrorist attack perpetrators.

It isevident that breaching human rights by the government is wrong and ineffective since it undermines the overall authority of democracies, is harmful to international cooperation, and erodes public support. Therefore, governments worldwide have the responsibility of balancing between democratic norms and transgressing individual freedoms to ensure public safety.Based on these reports, it is apparent that governments need governments across the world tool to focus on balancing between observing human rights and fighting against terrorism.




Shor, E., & Sailofsky, D. (2019). Human Rights and Terrorism: Issues and Overview. International Human Rights and Counter-Terrorism. 1-9.





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