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Human Rights

Human rights are supportedand emphasized by a wide variety of organizations, governments, and individuals. Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) are among the top participants in the fight (Falk, 2009).They work against or with governments in coming up with agendas for action. They negotiate with governments to establish international standards for state behavior. They fight for public opinion, investigate and report cases of human rights abuse and assist the victims. They push political officials, the media, organizations, among others to ensure human rights are attained.

Policy research institutes provide insights and policy solutions and conduct research on human rights, preventing conflicts. They take part in the process of coming up with policies used in major organizations or governments and research already placed policies. They fight for fair policies that do not violate human rights.

Human rights academic centers are centers set up in educational institutions and major on promoting human rights and social justice through education and fieldwork among other methods. They support human rights at different levels according to the standards placed. They look into the experiences of victims of human rights abuse and how they affect them providing accurate information on the impact of human rights abuse and terrorism.

Human rights blogs are blogs that focus on investigating human rights. They are individual or organizational efforts to ensure human rights are administeredfairly. They expose and condemn cases of human rights violation and put pressure on governments and institutions. Additionally, they inform the public on issues on human rights.

Human rights is a broad issue that requires all the efforts it can attain to ensure its dominance. All institutions mentioned above are among the stakeholders that ensure it is attained. Their efforts should be appreciated and supported to attain better results.




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