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Jazz Concert Review

Concert performances come with a distinctiveambiance. The performance byBlue Bossa executed by Tyler Waltonat the MSJC San Jacinto Campuswas one of the finest performances I haveever seenin recent years. The entireconcert was wellco-ordinated, with four diversesegments delivered correspondingly.The segments integratedat the concert comprised of the wind symphony, guitar ensemble, symphony orchestra, and jazz ensemble. The entertainers had thoroughly rehearsed and offered a great performance in the numerouscategories.The wind symphony melodic elements delivered during the performance include flute, horn, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone, Bassoon, trumpet, trombone, euphonium, tuba, and percussion. Generally, the concert was impressive and taught me much regarding various music tools.

Music Description

The initial part of the performance was characterized by colorful and different designs and a representation of instruments. Two pieces of the wind symphony set off the concert arena with Dr. Gregory Whitmore as the conductor(Gute & Combo, 2017). Both pieces appeared dark, attributed to the continuo bass and steady tempo on virtually the entire musical concert. Tunes originated from the saxophone, primarily with alto sax and tenor sax coming out as the most noticeable. The interesting aspect regarding the concert entailed the musical instruments and tones, making it challenging for many not to understand the melodic harmonies and patterns. Within the first two performance courses, a significant portion of the audience lost touch with concert performance apart from the musical learners. The most intriguing performance involved the guitar performance as the musical aspects and harmony re-energized the audience.

Reactions to the Music

The layout was outstanding, and the space between the musician and the spectators was well maintained.The spectators’ close location and the entertainer advanced a closer look, letting the spectators have greater interaction. The concert hall had an elevated ceiling that letthe melodicresonances reverberate to resound from far and wide. This aspect made the entire music enjoyable. In between, the entire concert performance wascharacterized with profoundquietness, illustrating the element of professionalism amongst the members of the audience.My most preferredconcertwas“BlueBossa,” doneby Tyler Walton as the conductor. The beat swing exhibit in the music piece and the strides at every moment are processional, toning the entire atmosphere of the concert.The intensity in harmony outlined in the concert is morepleasing to the ears. The reverberations of the cordsdivulgethe intensity of a fine texture pertinent to the subject offered.

The tunes in the concert strain were very passionate, which ended in a burst of excitement. The second segment of the concertcomprised of a thicker texture. The musical gadgets mainly involved the piano combined with a solitary piece demonstrating a duet (Palmer, 2016). However, it was my first day witnessing two pianos positioned just across each other and generatingexactly a similar piece.The musical instruments’ resonance initiated a feeling of two partnersat the start of a relationship and singing to each other to express their feelings. The concert hall was filledwith romantic emotions, and the uncoupled spectatorsobtained a portion of partial treatment.


Reminiscing on the entire experience, I can certainly not regret appearing at the performance. One of the aspects that improved my experience was attributed to my knowledge of music harmonies. The entire performance exceeded my anticipations and left me with more to look up as long as music concerts are concerned. The feeling was awesome as the feelings I had long desired were revealed on the concert day.




Gute, C. A. D. M., & Combo, C. J. (2017). Utah State Department of Music Jazz Combos.

Palmer, C. M. (2016). Instrumental jazz improvisation development: Characteristics of novice, intermediate, and advanced improvisers. Journal of Research in Music Education64(3), 360-378.



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