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Leadership Studies

From the results in my questionnaire, it is evident that I have a high range leadership score, which means that I poses great leadership skills.  From the results, it is clear that I have agreat vision for both myself and the organization I work for. This is adepiction that I can begreat in planning and management, which is a character trait much needed for a leader. I scored high in being a visionaryperson, character which isnecessary for helping the organization have a huge ambition of what it wants to achieve in a specific period. This is a vital trait in that it ensures that all the stakeholders within the firm are conversant with what is expected of them to help them achieve the overall company goals.

Being a visionary leader also means anticipating changes for  the future, that would help the firm remain competitive. From the results, it ismanifest that I am a person who is interested in change since I have clearambitions and a strategic plan, which will help to easily attain the organizationalobjectivesand goals. Through such characters, it willbe easy to empower each member of the organization to take actions on the necessary plan both at the organizational and individual level.

Through my visionary leadership, individualswill hence be encouraged to be more innovative, where they will be united in working towards attaining the expectedgoals.  My style is also critical in that it will help my juniors be more productive, more engaging,and ultimately ensure that there are improved outcomes.  This is through inspiring the team of workers to boldly strive and achieve new heights, where their key focus will be to have a better future for both the organization and for themselves individually.



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