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Legislator Email

To: [email protected]

Subject:Nurse-to-patient staffing ratios

The Honourable Benjamin Cardin

United States Senator

Dear Senator Cardin,

I trust that the entire nursing fraternity can place their trust on you to back bill S. 1357. This legislature will guarantee safe nurse-to-patient staffing ratios and an enhancement in quality health care. Precisely, I urge you to back this legislation to cut nurse exhaustion, first year rate of turnover and an increase in patient safety. Amending the safe patient ratio, particularly during the COVID period and greater acuity patients, can aid nurses content.  Nurses bear a trend of not taking take care of themselves compared to how they care for other patients. The absence of self-care in nurses may have a detrimental impact on patients. According to Crane and Ward (2016), when nurse’s lack self-care, there is a surge in medication liabilities and patient infections. Moreover, a similar studystated that patients were more expected to be discontented with their admission in hospitals housing disgruntled nurses.

Due to the4:1 ratio in my hospital’s ER, patients are likely to face greater threats of falls, viruses and being discontented with their care. The fall risk has surgedattributed to acuity. Nurses are incapableof answering to patient’s call bells in anaptapproach. This law will aid the improvement of nurses’ health and tackle the nurse-to-patient ratio.  Nursing may be a hystericalcareer that calls for a sensibleassignment. Using an evidence-basedstudy, there exists minimal occupational grievances and infections if the nurse to patient ratio is appropriateComsti Brogan & Mahon, 2018). This legislaturesimilarlyletsthe nurseoffer the uppermost quality of health care. With the existing ratios, nursing care is being overlooked, nurses are well worn and patient security faces immense risks. I commend you to back thelegislation S. 1357 thatguarantees safe nurse-to-patient proportions so nurses have time, vigor and capabilityto efficiently make an affirmativechange in the patient and their family’s lives.  Thank you for your time, and I look forward to your immense support.


Ambrose McShane

[email protected]





Comsti, C., Brogan, G., & Mahon, M. (2018). RN Staffing Ratios: A Necessary Solution to the Patient Safety Crisis in U.S. Hospitals. https://act.nationalnursesunited.org/page/-/files/graphics/Ratios-ANecessarySolutiontothePatientSafetyCrisisinUSHospitals.pdf.

Crane, P. J., & Ward, S. F. (2016). Self-healing and self-care for nurses. AORN Journal, 104(5), 386-400. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.aorn.2016.09.007




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